Property Address: 300 S. Bouldin Street, Baltimore, MD 21224

Property Owner: Ramiro E. Saenz, 24 Tomahawk Terrace, Middle River, MD 21220

Baltimore City Council District and Contact:  District 1, Jim Kraft


300 S. Bouldin Street



300 S. Bouldin Street, side view



Trash (Stolen electronics?) outside 300 S. Bouldin


Baltimore Housing filed two separate cases against Mr. Saenz.  The first suit was filed in February 2008 and dismissed in May 2008 (per the housing attorney’s request).  The second injunction was filed in July 2009.  Mr. Saenz was given until 3/17/10 to rehab or convey the property.  Three months after the deadline passed, Mr. Saenz was brought back into court again and was granted a continuance.  He has a status hearing scheduled for 11/17/10.  Somehow, I don’t think he’s going to meet this new deadline.

Fortunately, the house is currently in foreclosure, so hopefully a reputable buyer will step in and rehab it.