Property address:  745 Ryan Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

Property owner:  Jacob Fraidin, 3406 Fielding Road, Baltimore, MD 21208

City Council District and contact:  District 11, William Cole

Located in the Barre Circle neighborhood in SW Baltimore, this house is a particular eyesore, as the surrounding homes were redeveloped 20+ years ago as part of Baltimore’s successful Dollar House program.  It’s such a shame to see blight creeping into this charming neighborhood of rowhomes and grassy common areas.  Unfortunately, the home’s current owner doesn’t have a great track record as an “investor” — multiple foreclosures, civil suits, etc.  Hopefully the neighborhood can band together and get rid of this nuisance before he purchases more property in the area.

Front of 745 Ryan Street
Rear of 745 Ryan Street