Property Address:  803 N. Collington Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21205

Property Owner: 518 N Collington LLC, 1704 Highland Dr, Silver Spring, MD 21910

Resident Agent for 518 N Collington LLC: Ruth Cohen, 1704 Highland Dr, Silver Spring, MD 21910

City Council District and Contact:  District 13, Warren Branch

Ruth Cohen built her rental empire through tax sale foreclosures.  In addition to this property, she has four other open vacant house violations (504 N Rose St, 616 N Glover St, 807 N Madeira St, 6 S Monroe St) and two other housing code violations (2203 E Federal St & 521 N Rose St).

She was also sued by a former tenant and HABC over a rent escrow dispute involving 521 N Rose.  It makes you wonder how HABC would let someone like Ruth Cohen participate in the Section 8 program in the first place.

803 N. Collington Avenue
803 N. Collington Avenue, rear