Property Address:  918 N Arlington Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21217

Property Owner:  2008 DRR-ETS, LLC, 3604 Eastern Avenue, #400, Baltimore, MD 21224 (Not in good standing with the State of Maryland)

Resident Agent for 2008 DRR-ETS, LLC:  Anthony J. Delaurentis, same address.

More blight from the former attorneys John Reiff and Anthony Delaurentis.

City Council District and Contact:  District 9, “Pistol” Pete Welch

State Senator:  Verna Jones Rodwell

State Delegates:  Keith HaynesKeiffer Mitchell JrMelvin Stukes

This piece is particularly important, as the person depicted is also a resident of the community, and a former farrier at the Arraber stables.  People like this man, and his neighbors deserve far better than what they’re getting from slumlord property owners.

918 N Arlington Avenue, artwork by Nanook
918 N Arlington Avenue, artwork by Nanook