I thought it would be interesting, and potentially helpful, to post the ongoing saga one person has endured while trying to report a negligent property owner and the city’s lack of response to a citizen.

Fall 2011

Vacant was reported through the City’s 311 system, as a piece of the cornice was coming off and could be hazardous to anyone walking below. Baltimore Housing had previously issued a vacant notice for the property (254531A), so it’s not a stretch to assume they’re aware of the property’s poor condition.

December 2011

Emails to Carl Stokes (City Councilman for District 12) go unanswered.  Emails to sent to the Charles Village Civic Association and Greater Homewood Community Corporation were answered.  The building was condemned, and the hanging piece of cornice has been removed.

Mid-February 2012 to Present

After many emails back and forth between the neighbor and various agencies and neighborhood associations, 6 months later the home is still in the same blighted condition with open windows and rear door, there are no citations or violation notices against the property owner, and no response from Baltimore Housing.

The city has a “slumlord court”, Baltimore Housing has inspectors and attorneys — what we can’t understand is how few negligent property owners are actually prosecuted and/or fined.  So many of them seem to get away with leaving their homes in this kind of condition — with no repercussions.

Please note — the owner of this property is a large-scale city slumlord and a marketing professor at Towson Universty.  Also note, this property is on the route for many children who walk to the Barclay School.

Property Address:  345 E 28th Street, Baltimore, MD 21218

Property Owner:  CE Realty, LLC, 3210 Labyrinth Road, Baltimore, MD 21218

Resident Agent for CE Realty:  Ephraim Weingarten, same address

City Council District and Representative:  District 12, Carl Stokes

345 E 28th Street
345 E 28th Street, side view