Property Address: 1411 and 1413 Kuper Street, Baltimore, MD 21223

Property Owner (1411): 2008 DRR-ETS, LLC, 3604 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21224 (Click on link for more blighted homes owned by this shell company.)

Resident Agent for 2008 DRR-ETS, LLC: Anthony J Delaurentis, c/o Delaurentis, Reiff and Reid, same address.

Property Owner (1413): 1413 Kuper Street, LLC, 1 N Wheeler Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21223 (Company charter has been forfeited, company is not in good standing.) No resident agent on file for 1413 Kuper Street, LLC.

City Council District and Contact:  District 9, “Pistol” Pete Welch

State Senator (District 40): Catherine E. Pugh

State Delegates (District 40): Frank M. Conaway, Antonio L. Hayes. Barbara A. Robinson

1411 and 1413 Kuper Street
1411 and 1413 Kuper Street