Dear Candidates,

We’ve been hearing a lot from you lately about your “plans” to lower Baltimore City’s property taxes.  But what we haven’t heard is how you plan to make up the lost revenue.  The city has no money (at least that’s what the residents are told) — so if you’re going to cut one of the few sources of revenue we have — what’s coming down the pike for those of us who pay taxes?  That money is going to have to come from somewhere — tax hikes elsewhere?  City income tax?  Extra sales tax?  Increased fees for City services?

So…here’s your chance to answer this question in a reasonably well-read public forum — send us your thoughts.

An extra question for Catherine Pugh:  I understand creating a commission to study the City’s property taxes…but what about  this man (and failed mayoral candidate) makes him remotely qualified to head such a commission?

Looking forward to hearing from you,