Property Address:  1155 Washington Boulevard, Baltimore, MD 21230

Property Owner:  King and Queen, LLC, 301 N Charles Street #501, Baltimore, MD 21201 (Charter has been forfeited, company is not in good standing.)

Registered Agent for King and Queen, LLC:  None.  Address is 114 S Stricker Street, Baltimore, MD 21223, which is owned by LP Properties, LLC, same Charles Street address as King and Queen, LLC.  Registered Agent for LP Properties is Kamose Tao.  LP Properties is also not in good standing, charter has been forfeited.

City Council District and Contact:  District 10, Ed Reisinger

State Senator:  Verna Jones Rodwell

State Delegates:  Keith Haynes, Keiffer Mitchell Jr, Melvin Stukes

With multiple foreclosures against Mr. Tao dating back to 2000, criminal complaints (including acting as a contractor with no license), and housing code violations, maybe it’s a good thing the permits on this home expired in 2006 and the house has been vacant ever since.

1155 Washington Boulevard