This is making the rounds on Facebook this morning, and thought it was worth sharing.  From Bolton Deli:


The facts:

1) After years of hard work and community support, Nick, the owner of Bolton Deli and MICA alum (Class of ‘10), sought guidance from the director of alumni relations at MICA in his pursuit of career guidance, including finding potential buyers of his successful business.

2) The director of alumni relations agreed to help Nick find a buyer, and ultimately expressed serious interest in buying the Deli himself once he retired from MICA shortly after these discussions took place.

3) As a trusted mentor based off their prior exchanges (an alumni communicating with the director of alumni relations), Nick revealed detailed information about the business and introduced the former director of alumni relations to the landlord of his property in order to negotiate a new lease.

4) The former director of alumni relations ceased to communicate with Nick after this information was shared, purchased the building (which was not publicly listed for sale) with his partner, and is now evicting the Bolton Deli with no compensation offered.

5) The new owners of this building have expressed their intentions to open their own food service business at this location, or “modernize” the space in order to increase the rent for new tenants.

The Bolton Deli has served and employed members of the community for nearly 4 years. We have always aimed to be responsible, affordable and honest at the Bolton Deli. If you have any desire to express support for our small, local business, please contact the following administrators at MICA (listed below) to express your thoughts. These contacts and many others can be found online on the MICA faculty staff directory; Feel free to ask us for a stamped envelope at the Deli counter to send a letter to MICA in efforts to persuade the administration to take responsibility for these actions!

Douglas R. Mann
Vice President for Fiscal Affairs & Chief Financial Officer, Fiscal Affairs, MICA
Bunting Center B235
[email protected]

Michael R. Franco
Vice President for Advancement, Advancement, MICA
Main Building Annex 106
[email protected]

Please share this with your friends to help spread awareness! Feel free to email [email protected] if would like to offer us your help or advice in any way. For more detailed information and updates, please continue to follow our facebook page. Thank you for your support and consideration!

-The Bolton Deli team and friends

If anyone has any ideas — please contact Bolton Deli at the email address above in bold. But you’ll have to hurry — they have to leave their space by December 31.