As an update to the Nusbaum/Berman/Stollof tax-sale bid rigging scheme posts, we’ve learned that Harvey Busbaum, a Baltimore County attorney, has worked out a plea agreement with Federal prosecutors.  For his part in the illegal scheme, Nusbaum has agreed to a maximum term of 1-1/2 years in a Federal prison, along with an $800,000 fine.  Judge J. Frederick Motz accepted Nusbaum’s agreement and scheduled the formal sentencing for late April.  (Judge Motz is the same judge who dismissed Baltimore City’s lawsuit against Wells Fargo, citing Baltimore’s criminal culture as one of the reasons for the dismissal.)

Steven L. Berman, an attorney and husband of Baltimore County attorney Heidi S. Kenney, has also entered into a plea agreement with Federal prosecutors, for his part in the scheme.  He is facing time in Federal prison, along with a $750,000 fine.

Jack W. Stollof, the third person indicted for tax-sale bid rigging did not enter into a plea agreement, and is to be sentenced in March.