This home is a perfect example of why Maryland needs to open its Foreclosure Registry Site to the public.  Residents and community groups should not have to go through their elected officials or Baltimore Housing to find the disposition and current owner of a nuisance or blighted property in their neighborhoods.

Property Address:  2516 Jefferson Street, Baltimore, MD 21205

Property Owner:  The State of MD would have you believe the owner is a man by the name of Dennis Johnson.  However, the property was sold in a foreclosure sale, to MD Holdings, LLC in July of 2007.  The court ratified the sale in November of 2007, therefore, MD Holdings, LLC is responsible for the condition of this property and should be listed as the owner of record.

MD Holdings, LLC (charter has been forfeited, company is not in good standing):  211 E Lombard Street, “Suite” 161, Baltimore, MD 21201 (I have “suite” in quotation marks, because the address is actually a mailbox at a UPS Store, disallowed under Maryland law.

Resident Agent for MD Holdings, LLC:  Carlton Scott, same UPS Store address.

City Council District and Contact: District 13, Warren Branch

State Senator: Nathaniel McFadden

State Delegates: Talmadge Branch, Nina R. Harper, Cheryl Glenn

2516 McElderry Park
2516 McElderry Park