From an email I just received from the Baltimore Real Estate Investors Association:

Before October 24, 2011, Landlords were immune from lawsuits if they were in compliance with Lead Poisoning Prevention Program… That has all changed!

Come to Baltimore REIA’s General Meeting for an open discussion with our Professional Panel about the various issues surrounding the Maryland Court of Appeals recent ruling.
Don’t Miss this Important Meeting!

Our panel will include a representative from the insurance industry, a lead paint inspector and a representative from the Property Owners Association of Greater Baltimore, the leader in the legislative effort to address this recent change in the law.

Please send money to help the Association of Rental Property Owners address this issue. Funds are needed to cover the legal fees and experts necessary to get legislation through the Maryland General Assembly. The State Legislative Session begins in January, just over a month from now, so we need to act quickly.

Folks, email your legislators NOW and tell them we can’t allow bad property owners to roll back lead regulations in Maryland.  Lead paint poisoning affects an estimated 310,000 children under the age of 6.  We cannot allow even one more of Maryland’s children to suffer the same fate — possibly *your* children.  The Maryland Court of Appeals stood up for Maryland’s children in October — will you stand up for Maryland’s children now?

Also, you can email the investors association and let them know that shoddy property management is not welcome in Baltimore.  Their email address is [email protected]