The Tenants in Foreclosure project of the Public Justice Center won an award!  Congrats to attorney Matt Hill and his staff for this much-deserved award.  If you or someone you know is living in a rental that is being foreclosed on, you should contact the Public Justice Center — you have rights, make sure they’re protected!

Housing prices continue to fall, according to a Case-Shiller/S&P report.

Housing Authority Director Paul Graziano continues to deny  responsibility for lead paint payments.  And in this article from the Baltimore Sun, City Councilman Jim Kraft says (out loud!) what the rest of us have been saying all along:  Paul Graziano is a liar.

Think your 311 complaints are anonymous?  Guess again.

State lab employees resent having to actually work, so they destroyed blood samples in a lab?  More shady behavior in lead paint cases, sad.

The City Council took Paul Graziano to task (being called a liar was only the beginning…) and you can read his side of the story here (link opens a PDF file).  Sorry, Mr. Graziano — HABC needs to pay these judgments.  HABC owned the homes, children were poisoned, and it’s your responsibility as the director of HABC to ensure the safety of these children — and pay dearly when you fall down on the job.