Lots of links this evening — enjoy!

US Conference of Mayors adopts resolution supporting Green & Healthy Homes Initiative (from the Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning).

Apparently someone out  there thinks the City’s “Vacants to Values” program is a good thing, because Mayor Rawlings-Blake was given an award.  We’re still searching for the “Value” part.

Canadian slumlords face jail time for SRO housing violations.  Don’t you wonder what really goes on in the “Wonder Rooms”?  On second thought…

Police find 27 dogs in a vacant home in Chicago — I guess Chicago’s thugs are taking a lesson from Baltimore’s?

Pueblo Colorado enacts legislation to deal with their vacant property problem.

A vacant house in Richmond burns to the ground, creates more vacant homes.

Someone in Flint, Michigan REALLY doesn’t like vacant homes.

Baltimore-area title company owner sentenced to four years in prison for mortgage fraud.