Looks like Maryland isn’t the only state with a bid-rigging problem.

Leader of “Metro Dream Homes” mortgage fraud scheme sentenced to 10 years in the clink.  That doesn’t sound very dreamy.

Another mortgage scam artist gets 30 years in prison after causing the collapse of a Florida bank.

New Jersey real estate scam artist Solomon Dwek moves to Baltimore.  Oh, and he’s broke.  Yay Baltimore.

Father and son Tillmans are to be sentenced for tax fraud.

Cleveland “gets it” while Baltimore’s mayor is still trying to get some kind of value from her vacants.  Give it a rest, Mayor SRB.  Nobody’s buying.  (Thanks to Reader CM for the link!)

Wisconsin recall candidate is also a….you guessed it….he’s also a slumlord.

PSA:  If the cops come a-knockin…don’t let ’em in.  Not these cops, anyway.  (Via Baltimore Crime).