Baltimore landlord pleads guilty in lead paint case.  Called a “habitual offender” by Ruth Ann Norton, Executive Director of the Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning, we hope this slumlord receives jail time — and other slumlords take notice.  We’d also like to point out — this slumlord has received money from HABC, and has been jailed before…perhaps the courts need to send a stronger message to bad property owners.

It would seem incompetence and dishonesty aren’t unique to Baltimore’s Housing Authority — a former San Antonio area Housing Authority employee pleaded guilty to embezzling over $20,000 from the agency.

Vacant lot where serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer once lived will be turned into green space.

Group alleges housing discrimination in Baltimore County.

Interesting approach to force banks to clean up their blighted foreclosures in Buffalo, NY.  Great idea…maybe they’ll start a blog to go along with their sign campaign!

Salisbury (MD) government adopts a “three-strikes” policy, which requires landlords to pay the city after three verified police calls at one property.  We’d love to see Baltimore adopt a similar ordinance.

Philadelphia woman takes owners of vacants to task — in a big way.