New Chief of Administration at Baltimore Housing: The Daily Record reports that Margaret (Peggy) Webster has joined Baltimore Housing as chief of administration for project finance.  Hopefully she will be a strong voice in favor of paying the City’s lead paint settlements.

Why is the city a mess?  It’s not a lack of money or opportunities, according to one former teacher. — it’s the parents.

The Maryland Department of Planning, after reviewing 120 days of public comment on its initial draft of PlanMaryland, today released a revised draft of the State’s first strategic smart growth plan.

Totally not planning, housing, or city related…but hey, I assume you eat?  And if you eat, you should thank a farmer.  Attend this amazing fundraising event, and help Maryland’s farmers.

There’s a Frank Lloyd Wright house in Detroit! Who knew? (Link via Detroit Moxie).

And speaking of Detroit… From @stephencearley — a great article on Detroit in GQ.  Again, a refreshing perspective on urban renewal — one that Baltimore refuses to implement in a comprehensive way.

Yet another property tax scandal in Baltimore — some vacant property owners have been illegally receiving the homestead tax credit.

The Sun’s editorial staff thinks the mayor should be developing a plan to renew the city.  To that, I say “Well…duh.”

A note from me:  Don’t forget to vote on September 13th.  we need new leadership in this city…and staying home on primary and general election days won’t help.  Get off your duff and vote!