Owner of a Maryland title company pleads guilty to stealing almost $5 million from customers.

Occupy Oakland takes the vacant house problem to a new level.  Please note, we DO NOT encourage this irresponsible and destructive behavior.

Home prices are falling again — no surprises there.

Baltimore City calls its “Vacants to Value” plan “baby steps” towards dealing with the problem of vacant homes — we call it nonsense.

A filmmaker in Youngstown, Ohio documents the life and death of one vacant house.

Speaking of Youngstown, it’s become somewhat of a maverick in the “shrinking cities” movement.  Baltimore needs to shrink — what do you think?

Toledo is expected to demolish a record number of abandoned homes this year.

The Washington Post reports that 700 HUD housing projects (including 10 open projects in Baltimore) have either been delayed or abandoned — that’s a lot of wasted taxpayer money.