A Baltimore real estate developer was sentenced to five years in prison for his role in a “pot conspiracy”, according to the City Paper.

Two US lawmakers, including Congressman Elijah Cummings from Maryland, have requested more transparency in the recent foreclosure settlement that was intended to compensate homeowners for losses.

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s former home is on the market — the interiors are a little dark and fussy, but it’s an otherwise beautiful home.

Speaking of famous people’s homes…the LA Times reports that Muddy Waters’ former home in Chicago is in danger of being demolished. What a shame.

The Columbus, Ohio Slumlord Watch project is gaining traction and making news — SO proud of these folks.

Johns Hopkins is still plugging away at their efforts to revitalize the area surrounding its East Baltimore campus.  They should start with tearing down the lead paint-filled blighted homes owned by the Bloomberg School of Public Health, perhaps?

What does it cost to demolish a home in Detroit?  Author Dream Hampton is about to find out.

A Chicago radio host who bills himself as “the people’s attorney” is going to need an attorney of his own — preferably one who, unlike him, has not been charged in a $10 million mortgage fraud scheme.

Should neighbors be paid a “dividend” for gentrification in their community? 

A Montgomery County (Pennsylvania) man was charged in a $20 million mortgage fraud scheme — most of the properties, according to the article, were “distressed”.  I have to wonder how many distressed properties in Baltimore were obtained with junk mortgages as well.

DBRS warns of threats to home price recovery, according to DSNews.  I still think we haven’t hit the absolute bottom in Baltimore City, and won’t see much in the way of sustainable recovery, until 2015.  People are still stuck in the mindset that their home is worth way too much.

In Q3 2012, Flint, Michigan saw the highest potential for mortgage fraud — some folks just never learn, I guess.

If you’re a Detroit resident, or if your like me and watching from the sidelines, I highly recommend both of these documentaries about this once-thriving city.  If you followed along with the BCFD fiasco of 2012, you’ll see some interesting parallels between our cities.  Interesting, and also scary.

A SW Baltimore woman died in a fatal fire last week, according to CBS — BCFD is still investigating the cause of the fire.

And the gentrification of Station North continues…a “Fitzgerald-like” apartment building is planned for the neighborhood, according to the Baltimore Business Journal.  Thanks, artists, for making the neighborhood cool.  Now…get out.  No affordable housing for you!

Speaking of folks with money…despite their considerable financial woes, the “leadership” of Baltimore Beahvioral Health, a rehab clinic that continues to wreak havoc on the surrounding neighborhoods, is still being paid their generous salaries.  The fact that no state or federal agency has shut this place down…it’s mind-boggling.

Looking forward to more exciting news for next week!  Have a great weekend, everyone — and be safe.