A fantastic collection of abandoned things and places, all over the world.

Photographer Matthew Murray sees beauty in all things abandoned, if you’re not haunted by his work, you’re not human.

Gaia does large-scale installations all over the US, most of his work can be found right here in Baltimore, and there’s a Google Map to help you find it!

Paula Ibey is a photographer who spends way too much time in cemeteries.  You can find her work here and here. (Bookmark the second link…she’s in the process of updating to the new version of Drupal, so it will be down for a bit.)

This site appears to have not been updated for quite some time, but it’s still pretty cool — it’s a catalogue of all the weird random old things you come across in Baltimore (a lot of them you probably didn’t notice.)

Stefan Ways is a painter.  Someday he’ll be really famous, but until then — look for his art around the city.

More abandoned places and things from The Neighborhood Watch