Many thanks to “Reader Tracey”, who offered more information on this once-grand and now-blighted stately home.

The Sellers Mansion, built in 1868, is named after Mathew Bacon Sellers, Sr., who was president of the Northern Central Railway.  It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2001, and is also on Baltimore Heritage’s Endangered Properties list.  The Baltimore Sun did a piece on the home in 2001, saying the current owner planned to convert the home to “senior apartments” — a plan that obviously hasn’t happened, from the looks of things 11 years later.

It would be nice to see this home salvaged — and used in a way that would benefit this once-grand neighborhood.  Lafayette Square is home to many historic homes, and was a fashionable address in its earlier years.  West Baltimore Squares, Baltimore Heritage, and other groups have a wealth of information on the neighborhood and its homes — this neighborhood could easily regain its status as one of “Baltimore’s best addresses” — starting with 801 N Arlington.