Milton Tillman is back in court again, and this time his legal woes have nothing to do with his drug dealing in Baltimore City.  Apparently being a drug kingpin isn’t as lucrative as it once may have been, and he’s now the defendant in multiple foreclosure lawsuits filed by a Mr. David Cohen of the law firm Cohen & Forman, LLC.

Case Number 24O09003503:  Total debt $875,981.55

The affected properties are as follows:

  • 1509 E. 28th Street
  • 2932 McElderry Street
  • 401 N. Rose Street
  • 5201 Invahoe Avenue
  • 623 Melville Avenue
  • 515 N. Streeper Street
  • 707 N. Lakewood Avenue
  • 317 N. Gilmor Street
  • 2628 McElderry Street
  • 3002 McElderry Street
  • 506 N. Ellwood Avenue
  • 530 N. Ellwood Avenue
  • 607 N. Ellwood Avenue
  • 742 N. Kenwood Avenue
  • 740 N. Kenwood Avenue
  • 1053 N. Kenwood Avenue
  • 2607 E. Chase Street
  • 2816 E. Chase Street
  • 2114 E. Hoffman Street
  • 623 N. Curley Street
  • 605 N. Curley Street
  • 415 N. Belnord Avenue
  • 2022 Robb Street
  • 742 Bartlett Avenue
  • 2421 E. Madison Street
  • 1607 Riggs Avenue
  • 928 N. Collington Avenue
  • 2718 Ashland Avenue

Case Number 24O09003452:  Total debt is $69,458.08

  • 819 E. Lakewood Avenue

Case Number 24O09003449:  Total debt is $29,007.13

  • 2114 E. Federal Street

7 thoughts to “More Legal Woes for Drug Kingpin and Slumlord Milton Tillman

  • PPNA Matt

    Unfortunately, many of these properties are located in sketchy neighborhoods, such as McElderry Park and Ellwood Park, and will probably be scooped up by a certain vulture whose MO is to purchase distressed properties on the cheap, put on a fresh coat of paint, and rent it out via Section 8.

    • slumlordwatch

      I was thinking the same thing, unfortunately.

  • Iandanger

    Wow, the total value of those homes is under 900k? Those houses must be extremely run down. Sigh, hardly surprising considering what you see when you drive around the city

    • slumlordwatch

      Not necessarily — that’s what he owes on the mortgages, so assuming he paid *something* at some point, the value was probably more. And some of them are in areas with a high number of abandoned homes, so it would make sense if the value was pretty low.

  • jack_

    What’s going on with Milton being investigated by the FBI? They raided all of his bail bond offices in august of 2008 on suspicion of tax evasion and insurance fraud (not charging the full ten percent on bail bonds.) No one’s heard anything since. When will they finally take this cockroach down?

    • slumlordwatch

      From what I hear, they’re working on it. Sometimes if you want to truly take someone down, slow and steady wins the race.

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