After having a chat with him, reading his plans for the city, and listening to a podcast of today’s interview with Dan Rodricks on WYPR, I’ve decided to vote for Otis Rolley — Baltimore City’s next mayor.

Otis brings a fresh perspective to the table, yet the experience and wisdom that can only come from living and working here.  His plans are based on a unique balance of 21st Century ideas and old-fashioned raised-right common sense.  He’s a thinker, a planner, and I think he’ll also be a doer…someone who will do right by the taxpaying citizens of Baltimore.

He’s in favor of raising the property tax rates for slumlords, he doesn’t believe the current administration’s “Vacants to Values” program will produce any measurable value, and believes the City’s government needs to be revamped, shaken up, and given a kick in the pants — that’s exactly what we need in Baltimore — not a mayor who will back her own proposed legislation one minute, and then ask the legislature to vote no later on — a mayor, I might add, who receives a considerable amount of campaign funding from developers.

I hope you’ll join us in supporting Otis, and remember — a vote for Otis is a vote for Baltimore’s future.