Property Address:  1101 Nanticoke Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

Property Owner:  Sunshine Village, LLC, 1045 Park Avenue, Unit 10, Baltimore, MD 21217 (Not in good standing)

Resident Agent for Sunshine Village, LLC:  Marc J. Cohen, 1405 Park Avenue, Apartment 1, Baltimore, MD 21217

Reader M sent in the photos of this property, which is apparently in a state of disrepair.  The back is filled with debris and trash, a basement door is left open (along with a window) so people are able to get in, and there’s a hole in the roof.  This home does have one valid permit on file — however, it appears the current owner has been doing work outside the scope of the permit (COM2011-10067), if you look at the trash that’s been dumped outside.  Reader M also indicates there’s a rat problem.

We’ve written about this property owner before (see narrative) — hopefully this time, instead of sending us angry lawyer letters, he’ll use that energy to get the proper permits and secure his vacant home.

Hole in the roof is visible through the window on the 2nd floor.
Garbage and debris in the rear
How would you like to live in the house on the left…next to this mess?
Open basement door

Update:  While this property has been improved and renovated, the owner next door is still suffering the effects of the work that was done without permits (and therefore without being inspected).  The case is going to court this month, and we’re hoping the homeowner will be properly compensated for the damage to his home.