Thanks to Reader M for the submission!

Property Address:  1200 Cooskie Street, Baltimore, MD 21230 – Locust Point

Property Owner:  Locust Point Rocket, LLC, 117 W. Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21701

Registered Agent for Locust Point Rocket, LLC:  Edward D. Scott, same address.

City Council District and Contact:  District 10, Ed Reisinger

1200 Cooksie Street
1200 Cooksie Street, side
Baltimore City "Rats-N-Cats" Notice

The Adkins-Burns construction sign on the side of the building is familiar though.  They seem to have a habit of tearing apart buildings in the area and then not finishing the job or taking FOREVER.

This property has been sitting like this since the snow.  At some point I think someone complained about the scaffolding and they were forced to post a permit for it. The sidewalk is basically useless from all of their trash.  It is littered with broken glass and weeds forcing people to have to walk their dogs in the street to go around it.  The last time I saw someone do any work on this property (I walk by it every day) was probably April or May.  It is a complete eyesore on an otherwise good stretch of blocks right off Hull Street.

I should point out that my other submission of a property on hull street was being worked on by the same [people].

Update: There is one active permit, which expires in October of this year — yet no work has been done on the property.