There’s a new Slumlord Watch in town — Richmond, Virginia’s slumlords should be forewared, because I don’t think these people are messing around!

Welcome, Richmond, to the family of Sumlord Watchers!

8 thoughts to “Richmond’s Slumlords: Beware!

  • Mickie

    It’s about time! These owners need their feet (and more) held to the fire.

  • publius804

    Thanks! We’re excited to be part of the slumlord watch “family.” Keep up the good work!

  • william mabe

    There is a slumloard in the southside of Richmond. His name is BRUCE WALLACE his wife is CYNTHIA WALLACE. He is a con man, that HIDES behind the fact that he preaches at a local church, to rent to people that are down on their luck. He rents his properties with no electric or water, even though he has a lease that includes the utilities. The city has been involved but he still asks the renters to pay more money to get the utilities turned on. He has kept rent money that is owed even though the city says no one can reside in the home until repairs have been made, and the heating system is not functional. He tells his renters that they can stay at night but have to be out in the morning with no traces of the renters to be found. With the way the economy is at this point people CAN NOT be forced out of their residents to have to rely on others or find a new place to rent without any money to put down on a new rental. I want to contact the city and I do not know the department to contact. With slumloards that do things like he has done drive all of our property values down and drive our taxes up. This man and woman need to be driven out of the city so they DO NOT prey on anyone else.

  • william mabe

    PS: The address is 5614 Janke Road Richmond Virginia. 23225

    • slumlordwatch

      Have you also sent this info to the Richmond Slumlord Watch folks? You definitely should, if you haven’t already. Thanks for the info!

      • william mabe

        I tried to post on their site but couldn’t see where I could

        • slumlordwatch

          I would swear I saw a “contact us” link somewhere on their website.

  • william mabe

    I am sorry the names of the slumlords are BRUCE BRYANT and CYNTHIA BRYANT. Please anybody that can send these posts out please do. The whole city needs to know.

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