Property Address:  1101 Nanticoke Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

Property Owner:  Sunshine Village, LLC, 1405 Park Avenue, Unit 10, Baltimore, MD 21217

Resident Agent for Sunshine Village, LLC:  Marc J. Cohen, 1405 Park Avenue, Unit 1, Baltimore, MD 21217 (Company is not in good standing.)

This property…where to begin?  All I can say, is I’m glad I’m not the poor guy who’s stuck living next door to this nightmare.  We’ve written about this irresponsible property owner before (go here ) — yet the City allows him to keep “renovating” properties.  Isn’t there a city blacklist somewhere?  How many opportunities will this guy have to put other people at risk?

Unfortunately, the situation at 1101 Nanticoke has gotten worse.  First the property owner was working without permits — that was taken care of.  Then he decided to work far outside the scope of his permits — and things got a whole lot worse.  See photos below.

1101 Nanticoke Street

1101 Nanticoke, basement door is not secured.

Destroyed fence, 1101 Nanticoke
1101 Nanticoke, debris
1101 Nanticoke -- how'd you like to live next to this???