Property Address:  854 Carroll Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

Property Owner:  Talbot Consulting, LLC, 20 New Plant Court, Suite 106, Owings Mills, MD 21117

Resident Agent for Talbot Consulting, LLC:  Stewart D. Sachs, same address

City Council District and Contact:  District 10, Edward Reisinger

State Senator:  William Ferguson IV

State Delegates:  Pete Hammen, Luke Clippinger, Brian McHale

This property is the subject of a foreclosure case from 2013 that was recently reopened.  There have been no changes made to this property other than the tree that is now growing in the basement and sprouting out one of the windows.  Hopefully this property can be torn down or rehabbed, as it’s an eyesore on an otherwise decent block.

The last permit on this house expired in 2008. You can see the original post from 2010 here.

854 Carroll Street, September 19, 2014
854 Carroll Street, September 19, 2014