Reposted from Housing Policy Watch:

Candidates were asked for their plan to address vacants and other housing issues in the city, with the idea of publishing their responses so residents could better understand where each candidate stands on this issue. Each candidate was given the same four questions, along with the same amount of time to answer.

  1. Baltimore City has 30,000+ vacant homes. Do you have a plan for cleaning up the blight that isn’t a rehash or continuation of previous plans? And how do you propose to pay for your plan?
  2. The two fastest-growing income groups in Baltimore are those who earn $75,000 and up, and those who earn $25,000 and below. The middle class in Baltimore is stagnating, and struggling to afford rental housing. How do you propose to keep median-income renters from leaving the city without pushing them into homeownership they may not want or be able to afford?
  3. Our Housing Authority has a decades-long reputation for corruption and incompetence at its top leadership tier. How do you plan to address this?
  4. Is there anything else voters should know about your approach to housing in Baltimore?

The candidates who did not respond to the request:  Catherine Pugh, Sheila Dixon, Richard Black (withdrew from the race), Mike Maraziti, Brian Vaeth, Emanuel McCray, Frank Logan, Elizabeth Embry.

Another candidate did respond, but refused to answer the specific questions in the format requested, despite being asked twice.

Another responded four days after the deadline and asked for more time, which was not granted, since the time restrictions had to be applied fairly.

Please note, there are candidates who filed or otherwise publicly threw their hat in the ring after the email was sent — these candidates will receive an email this week and will be given the same amount of time to respond as the first group. The same questions will be asked, and the same format will be required.

In the coming days, the answers from the candidates who did respond as required will appear here, in full, with no edits. To view all of the responses from candidates, go here.