Featured on the blog a few days ago, this home on Pulaski Highway was once the site of a gruesome murder in 1994 that left the matriarch of a powerful Baltimore family dead.

On November 16, 1994, Debra Stevens, a Gypsy palm reader and fortune teller, was found dead in her home. She had been decapitated.  Stevens was the daughter of the last of the Gypsy kings — King Dick Stevens, who died in 1959.  According to his obituary, the Gypsies Stevens were the once the most powerful Gypsy tribes, since the 1920s.  They were based in Baltimore.

The man accused of beheading Ms. Stevens, apparently tried to kill himself several times after committing the crime — first jumping in front of an Amtrak train, and then in front of a police car twice.  It was later determined the man, Douglas Thomas Clark, was a customer of Ms. Stevens, and was also mentally ill. He was committed to a state mental facility by Circuit Court Judge Clifton J Gordy, Jr., in 1995.

Peter Hermann wrote a great article in the Sun in 2009 about this story and the people involved.  It’s definitely a worthwhile read.