Jeff Karer of Jackson left this lovely comment on our Facebook and I thought it would be nice to share it — it’s so nice to hear from people in other cities who are documenting blight and holding their governments and negligent property owners accountable!

BSW, because of your site, which I stumbled upon who knows how, I am having a blast documenting terrible things going on in my neighborhood of Fondren in Jackson,MS. I’ve documented 23 blighted houses along with owners’ names; so far three are surrounded by fences in prep for demo, and a dozen more are being investigated. Plus, I found two empty houses claiming HE, had 28 street lights illuminated and even have the utility company inthe process of eradicating graffiti on their poles…and even had the city replace a few stop signs with gang markings. You inspired all this. I just don’t think anyone bothered…all it took was one person to care. Could have been anyone. Thanks BSW!

What are you doing to combat blight in your city? Let us know!