Sadly, this block doesn’t look any better than when it was originally reported, back in 2013.

502, 504, 506, 508 N Carrollton Avenue
502, 504, 506, 508 N Carrollton Avenue


One thought to “Update: 502, 504, 506, and 508 N Carrollton Avenue”

  • Ivan

    Hello owners and operators of slumlordwatch,

    I am a student of Johns Hopkins University and an employee of their Applied Physics Laboratory. I am currently attempting for my masters degree in Geographic Information Systems. It is my first class but for my final project, I planned on using Baltimore’s vacant properties as a project. I will have to write a paper and produce a map for the project. Based on what I can find with public available information, I plan on plotting the vacants on a map, separating/categorizing them by the FIPS/Tract/Block census code(s) and overlaying the reported crimes that the Baltimore Police Department. Then, I plan on producing a distance/proximity based analysis by determining what quantifying and qualifying the ‘types’ of crimes that the vacant homes attract. I am a former intelligence analyst, hoping to be a criminal analyst of sorts (I wanted to make an app called vacant finder) and since I have lived in Maryland for over 10 years now, I think this is something that resonates with me.

    Just wondering if everything works out okay (my class ends in mid-December 2019), would you care to try and embed the finished map or map story to your website? Hopefully the map will be visually appealing and will highlight (based on the data I am finding) just what does urban blight do to a city. Not trying to break any new ground with this project but I hope to use this as a stepping stone to do more and evolve this into more detailed and complex analytics.

    I just found it today and I think it is fascinating! I want to spend more time on here but I need to finish gathering all of my resources before I do. If the map is something you would think would help out the site, let me know and I can spend time with the developers in making that happen.

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