We’ve reported on this sad group of houses in Washington Village a few times — they’ve been abandoned since being taken over by “investors” back in the late 90s.  We’re happy to report that the City finally decided to do the right thing and demolish them.  It would be nice to see a park or other open space on that land, but it’s a rather isolated industrial area — so it will be interesting to see what actually happens once the rubble has been cleared away.  We’re considering this a semi-win so far, since this is the first real effort the City has made to do anything about these homes since we first reported on them in January and February of 2009.

Here’s what they looked like in November 2009 (note the condemnation notices):

1448 Wicomico Street
1450 Wicomico Street
1452 Wicomico Street
1454 Wicomico Street
1458 Wicomico Street

And here’s what the block looks like today:

1400 Block Wicomico, Demolition
Interior wall of 1448 Wicomico Street, and pile of rubble
1448 Wicomico facade