Reader T sent the following information about her wonderful house — so happy she enjoys the neighborhood, and look at the difference a responsible owner makes!

Before:  The home was a blighted mess, a drug nuisance property, and owned by a former HABC inspector (oh, the irony!)  You can read the original post here.


3 S Robinson Street today.
3 S Robinson Street today.

From Reader T:

When my real estate agent suggested looking at 3 South Robinson, I Googled the address, and the first thing to pop up was its listing on the Slumlord website! Needless to say, I was bit scared. However, much to my delight, the house was no longer owned by the slumlord in question, purchased by someone else who gutted and rehabbed it, and put it back on the market.

I had looked at several nice homes throughout Patterson Park, but this house has been perfect for my needs. I have some great neighbors, including Buddy (he’s lived on the block for years) who likes to remind me that at one time, my home was the big drug house on the street. Another friend in the local real estate business, came to the house recently, looked around and said, “I sold this house once, years ago…it sure didn’t look like this on the inside.”

I’m glad I didn’t let the initial slumlord listing scare me away. I would have missed out on a fantastic little rehabbed, rowhome in one of Baltimore’s best neighborhoods!