Two and a half years after writing about this blighted, deserted block — it has been demolished.  From yesterday’s press release:

Today’s demolition makes way for the Barclay Phase II rental community, part of a larger comprehensive revitalization plan for the Barclay/ Midway/Old Goucher (BMOG) neighborhood. The BMOG Plan includes the multi-phased redevelopment of 322 units of mixed-income housing, with market-rate and affordable homeownership and rental opportunities. The plan also includes approximately 12,000 square feet of community and retail space, an improved streetscape, a new neighborhood park and improvements to Calvert Street Park.

We’re happy to see the city moving forward on demolishing these blighted blocks, and even more happy to hear they’re planning on mixed-income housing.  However, we’d like to see more mixed-income housing downtown, and in areas that are already improved.  Continuing to keep the poor in far east and west neighborhoods only perpetuates the concentration of poverty in these neighborhoods, hindering any sustainable progress over the long term.

You can read the full press release here.