Along with voting for one of our badly-behaved candidates for governor, you will also be asked to vote on several bond questions, come election day.  (Or during the early election, if you choose to skip November 2nd).

Unfortunately the City’s website has very little information outside of a PDF, which is great if you’re sitting at home or in the office on a computer — not so great if you’re on a mobile phone or need a text reader.  (Hint, hint…Baltimore City web folks….remember Section 508?)

Here are two bond questions you’ll be asked to vote for, and the accompanying text.  Please keep in mind, this text is from the City’s website (link opens a PDF file) and we do not claim authorship.  We just happen to think these two questions need more attention.


  • $18,050,000

Baltimore, a City of neighborhoods, remains committed to supporting and promoting efforts to revitalize and stabilize communities and provide quality housing that is affordable and attractive for our citizens. This loan will fund a number of anticipated projects including:  new infrastructure for Somerset Homes; support for the Greenmount West Master Plan; Park Heights Revitalization Plan; the Baltimore Supportive Housing Initiative for the homeless; as well as acquisition, demolition, stabilization and homeownership initiatives.


  • $16,200,000

The Department of General Services is now responsible for the capital construction and maintenance of all City buildings including Libraries, Health Department facilities, Police and Fire stations, and City-owned landmarks. This loan will provide capital funds for all City buildings and anticipated projects such as the Enoch Pratt Library modernizations, historic landmark renovations, Health Department facilities, systemic renovations, ADA and building code compliance.