Poor Vito Simone — he keeps trying to reinvent himself over and over again, but what he fails to realize is that you have to wait a period of time before making your “reformed and remorseful” debut. Realtor, broker, developer…disgraced president of a trade association…. And we have yet to see any remorse from him.

Failed development projects, fraud charges, personal bankruptcy — these are not resume-building career moves, yet Mr. Simone has reinvented himself again — this time as a HUD 203K consultant. We are frankly a little shocked that the Feds have such low standards for who they will accept for certification.  Anyone who has been sued by the state for owning property not fit for human habitation, failing to register their property, and other property violations — this is not someone who should be able to hold a real estate license, let alone act as a consultant to others.

We have to ask — if this was any other state besides Maryland, would we even have to ask these questions?