What is it?

Requiring specified manufacturers of lead pigment to reimburse specified persons for damages caused by lead-based paint in residential buildings in Baltimore City; establishing the types of damages caused by the presence of lead-based paint in residential buildings in Baltimore City for which manufacturers of lead pigment are liable to specified persons; creating the Lead Paint Restitution Fund; etc. (from the Maryland Legislature)

Why is this important?

Like tobacco, lead paint was actually deemed “safe” at one time.  Now we know better, as lead paint can cause severe neurological damage in children — and there is no cure.  There needs to be a fund to meet the needs of these children, and the manufacturers need to be held responsible for the damage they’ve caused — you may think that lead paint is no longer being manufactured — and you would be wrong.  As recently as 2007, giant toy manufacturer Mattel issued a recall for toys that were manufactured in China, because of the high lead levels found in the paint.

We need legislative support for this important bill, and we need it now.  Please let your legislators know that you care about Baltimore’s children by calling and emailing them — let them know how important this is to you.  If you don’t know who your representatives are, click here to find out.