Better late than never — here are the bills we were watching in the 2011 legislative session, and what happened after all was said and done:

SB 503:  Foreclosure Purchaser and Tenant – Evictions – Tenant’s Right to Reclaim Personal Property:  FAILED

HB 179/SB 111:  Environment – Recycling – Apartment Buildings and Condominiums – FAILED

SB 762:  Property Tax Assessments – Physical Inspection of Property FAILED

HB 268:  Board of Liquor License Commissioners for Baltimore City – Ethics, Open Meetings, and Performance Audit PASSED

SB 488: Baltimore City – Alcoholic Beverages – Class B-D-7 License Holders – Security Plan  PASSED

SB 645:  Baltimore City – Sale of Property to Enforce Lien for Water and Sewer Service PASSED

HB 8: Eminnent Domain – Condemnation Proceedings and Limitation on Condemnation Authority FAILED

SB 620 / HB 670:  Real Property – Retaliatory Actions – Landlords and Mobile Home Park Owners PASSED

HB 284: Real Property – Residential Leases – Security Deposits – Interest Rates PASSED

SB 643: Human Relations – Housing Discrimination – Source of Income FAILED