Yesterday”s Baltimore Sun has an article about the Mayor’s Transition Team Report, and some of the more relevant findings.  It seems Baltimore Housing received quite a bit of criticism from the committee, citing delays in funding, a lack of a clear vision for neighborhood revitalization, and a lack in proactivity and leadership.

According to the article, Baltimore Housing head Paul Graziano denied the assertion that his agency lacks in community development efforts, and said the department has a “very, very clear, very complicated, multipronged strategy,” for dealing with community development.

Part of the problem, from this outsider’s view, is the fact that Baltimore Housing is touting the fact that their strategy is “very complicated”.  There are too many agencies operating in their own silos, and not enough true collaboration.  Add that to the amount of redundancy in our government, and yes — that can get complicated. It also wastes precious taxpayer and Federal dollars, something Baltimore City can ill afford to do.

Bottom line — the agencies know what the problems are, they know what needs to be done to fix them — how many studies, committees, and task forces does it take to accomplish even the smallest of goals?