We received a bizarre email chain from candidate for Baltimore City Sheriff, Mike Schaefer, in response to an earlier post we wrote about his disbarment, slumlording, and subsequent entry into the Baltimore City Sheriff’s race.  Apparently the “CONTACT US” link at the top of the blog confused him, so he sent emails to WordPress, and to Lucian Marin, the guy who designed the WordPress theme we’re using.  Keep in mind, we don’t actually know Mr. Marin — there are literally hundreds of themes you can choose from if you use WordPress, and we happened to really like his.  Sorry, Lucian, for the emails you received.

The email chain, including multiple headers and ramblings from Mr. Schaefer goes on for about seven pages, so we’ll spare you all of that.  However, we did receive the following email once Mr. Schaefer figured out the complex task of sending an email to the correct party:

Am the landlord’s candidate in this race, if you read the website, and have done a very good job but for a few glitches, an LA judge ordered to repair 7 things in 30 days, hired contractor who took are of 5 of them, told me he had material delays as to two, had him come to court explain that, expected judge to commend us for 5 of the 7 and give 30 days for contractor to complete last two, instead got 5 days in jail for “failure to patch and seal all holes cracks and crevices” and 5 days for “failure to have smooth and cleanable surfaces on all walls”, try and explain that to hardened criminals in LA County Custody as to why-are-you-here, that was early 80s.  I am a survivor and we need public officials who understand how government can thrash good citizens and their efforts.   mike           My son is in entertainment promotion in LA now, here is pix of him with one of his friends, one of the more bizarre, he also knows Weird Al and Pauley Shore; I represent the living Munchkins, the Lollipop Munchkin 90, from Wizard of Oz, the 1939 classic firm;  you and baltimore would enjoy this law professioanls with 100 nights of in field ride along police experience, as the new sheriff.  mike schaefer

He also included a photo of his son with Pee Wee Herman. The email text above is 100% as I received it, and not edited. Folks, I couldn’t make this stuff up…but I do try to be fair and post responses and rebuttals. No matter how…disjointed…they might be.

50 thoughts to “Mike Schaefer, Candidate for Baltimore City Sheriff Responds.

  • JJT

    There’s no proof of the photo if it’s not posted. POST IT!

    • slumlordwatch

      Only because you asked…

      I added the bar across Schaefer’s son’s face, as I have no knowledge of any wrongdoing on his part.

      Pee Wee Herman and Friend...

      • JJT

        Well, then, we have proof.

  • Donald

    HE KNOWS PEEWEE!!! He’s got my vote.

    • slumlordwatch

      Poor thing…

  • Auburn

    I moved to Baltimore in March 2009 and fell into the clutches of this pitiful excuse for a human being. He also owns 941 N. Calvert St, where we lived for 15 months with hordes of mice, no heat, and ceiling leaks. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. His erratic behavior was infuriating. I could go on for hours.

    • slumlordwatch

      You will be happy to know he did not win the election.

    • TEFCON

      I’m pretty sure I’m living in your former place on 941 calvert. Was it apt. 1F?? We are in the middle of moving out due to an infestation of black mold.

      • c m corbin

        I am in 1f now. same thing. I could almost tolerate it if this guy wasn’t such a jerk

        • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

          Do you have a mold problem?

      • c m corbin

        the exhaust in the bathroom is broken, and we have been keeping the mold at bay with regular bleaching. This building needs several repairs, not exclusively this apartment. My lease is up and I am moving. I hope that everyone keeps your site in mind when they are looking for bmore apts

      • c m corbin

        as an addendum to my previous post:

        he is trying to show the apt to get new renters asap. This means he has no intent to update, but instead hopes to rent immediately after I leave.

        • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

          I don’t understand why the city doesn’t go after these bad landlords. With the city constantly crying poor, you’d think they’d want the money they’d receive in fines…

      • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

        Have you sent in an online 311 complaint? I’ve found they get better results than calling on the phone.

    • Aunie Frisch

      I came across this blog as I was searching the address. I am extremely concerned because I just gave Schaefer a $300 non-refundable deposit for him to take it off the market until my boyfriend who is traveling can take a look at it on the 19th of this month. The apt I am interested in is unit 2F. Please feel free to contact me directly via my email.

    • NA

      Here is more on the slum landlord. he now lives in Nevada, after working as a public servant in California. The following is his response to an offer to purchase his property located at 941 n calvert st baltimore md MIchael Scahfer stated in an emali


      To: [email protected]
      Sent: Thursday, May 9, 2013 6:19 PM
      Subject: – $560000 What is $70,000 yr. professional renters, 6u. worth?? (941 N.Calvert, Mt. Vernon. dtown)


      I have been looking at the post for this property and I am very familiar with the building at 941 Calvert. I own 22 buildings in the area.

      I looked at the reviews and there are some very poor ratings, I also took the liberty of having my assistant contact current tenants. The tenants are not to impressed with the building.

      Anyway I would be willing to purchase the building at a price of $200,000 cash I don’t need your financing.

      • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

        Wow, what the hell? Who sends an email like that to someone??? So…since he’s no longer interested in the East Coast, I guess that means he’s going to let his property fall further into disrepair? I wonder if his tenants know…

  • Aunie Frisch

    Aaaaaah! I just came across this blog after searching 941 N Calvert in for a picture to send to my boyfriend who is traveling. I looked at this apt yesterday and put a $300 holding deposit down so that Mr Schaffer takes it off the market until my boyfriend can take a look at it on the 19th of this month. I am now REALLY concerned upon hearing about mice and mold!? My first impression of him was that he seemed like a nice old man, lonely because he certainly can go on and on talking about random things, but I thought that was bc he’s really old? He is asking for $875/month which includes water and sewage but not electric. I thought that was reasonable ESP since he’s also flexible about lease terms and is willing to do a 6-mo lease, also he’s not charging a pet deposit。Whereas before i thought itwas a good deal,now im having doubts and anxiety!

    • slumlordwatch

      Unfortunately I can’t tell you what to do…but given our posts. and other peoples’ stories…well, let’s just say “caveat emptor” and leave it at that.

    • Auburn

      Whatever “great deal” he is offering, RESIST!!! I promise you, this is in your best interest. He is NOT a nice old man, seriously. And to TEFCON, yes it was 1F. Very sorry you had to go through that, and also sorry I didn’t see you post 🙁

  • LR

    wow am I glad I came across this. I am looking to buy rental/investment property in Mt. Vernon and almost looked at this place – I should have been suspicious when he told me he would show me the common areas but that he didn’t want to invade the tenant’s privacy until further along in the process. Thanks everyone you just saved me a lot of aggrevation!

    • slumlordwatch

      Glad to be of service! 🙂

  • Tee

    I just moved out of that building and he refused to return my deposit. He doesn’t do an inspection when u move out and doesn’t claim the things that were messed up before a person rents and pins it on the renter. I wish i saw this website before I moved in 🙁

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch


      Ever since I wrote that post I’ve received countless emails complaining about that guy. What a hot mess. I hope your new apartment is much nicer!

      • Unhappy former tenant

        This so called landlord gets under my skin so bad. Makes me afraid to ever trust people. I tried suing him for my deposit. He states that he isn’t the landlord nor does he own the property. So my case was cancelled because it went unserved. He had the nerve to tell me good luck trying to recover the money. So I don’t know what to do. And I’m a college student I can’t begin I even try to get a lawyer. He owes me well over 2k. He tried also settle with me offering me 100 I can’t believe him. Then he tells me the current tenant in my house is a fellow Afro like that’s supposed to make me feel better. I don’t know. I am just so drained from everything he putting me though 🙁 all I can do is cry n call all that money a lost. Just Beware. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what I am it’s depressing. 🙁

        • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

          No no no! No crying over spilled money! Time for action! There are a couple of resources I can recommend.

          First, call Maryland Legal Aid. If you meet the income requirements, they may be able to help you. (410) 951-7777 If they can’t, you should then try the Public Justice Center (410) 625-9409. Also try BNI’s landlord-tenant hotline. (410) 243-6007.

          Please keep me posted on what’s going on — good luck to you!

      • Unhappy former tenant

        Thanks so much! I will call Monday 🙂

        • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

          Yes, do! And I want to hear about the outcome — keep me posted!

  • lead paint inspector

    I was just contacted by him to do a lead paint inspection. Calvert St. Can somebody give me more info on the building and him. Thanks.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      From what I’ve been hearing the building is full of all sorts of problems, be careful.

      • Unhappy former tenant

        Whats your information. I’ll send you whatever you need!

      • Samuel

        Anytime I see the name Mike Schaefer in any context involving property, I cringe and wonder where the city’s housing authority is in not calling him to task for renting wall-to-wall filth he euphemistically terms apartment dwellings. If there is an award for slum landlording (maybe something in the shape of a rat, called a “Slummy”), this creton should win it ten years in a row. Yes, Landlords should be licensed and he should be summarily dismissed from the profession forever. He claims he graduated from a reputable law school. That place, also, should be investigated, if it truly ever gave this man a diploma. One thing’s for certain: the man does not need keys to any of his alleged properties. He can easily ooze in under the space between the door and the floor. And he is running for public office. What a city, when someone like this can take himself seriously enough to believe anyone would actually vote for him. I know there are Republicans and Democrats. Is there now a third party called Delusionals? Talk about a fox loose in a political henhouse.

  • j.m.schaefer

    this is the alleged horrible slumlord your readers squawk about.
    1. I have never denied any tenant any $$ for whatever is desired or required. I am now offer $1,000 tools, plants, sujpplies, to tenant who wants to fix up our negliected garden and make it enjoyable for the two of our six units who face the garden–I will pay to re-create it, but not maintain it monthly, if they don’t care that much, that’s sad.
    2. The lady bitching about her deposit, here nose is growing. She emailed me that she had gotten moved out, the place was ready to show, all was fine, and I promptly mailed her girlfriend(who has posted $800 deposit) the full amount. I scheduled six showings when i came to town next week. It was a MESS, Ruined bedroom carpet, food in kitchen, plastic bottles wrappers, I was humiliated in front of the prospects.

    I STOPPED PAYMENT on her check, wouldn’t you? Spent at least $1500 renovating the place and it is now home of a diplomat’s family and he is
    pleased. I hope she gets her lawsuit filed. I am not the owner, a Corporation is, and I am its officer, I can’t wait to show the Court how she represented it was clean and ready to show(by email to my Calif. home), and I believed her, sent her immediate full refund. LUCKY her galpal had
    not cashed that check, I was victim of her misrepresentation.

    If you wanted to rent there, I have at least four very happy longtime
    tenants you could speak with. Six units is too small to have a manager,
    and it is difficult to manage from Calfironia. Thankfully tenants put
    rent into our account monthly and email me if they need something, which I pass on to a vendor at once. I have had a vendor take $800 cash for work and not perform, so have asked tenants(at my expense) to make arrangements with any licensed contractor/repairperson.

    For a year have been trying to sell it for just what we have in it.
    Over six years the rents have slowly risen from $4500 mo. to $5800 mo. yet the price is the same. We paid all cash, will take 10% down and carry loan. it is a great opportunity for a local investor, not for someone out West.

    I have had dozens of properties over decades and regret that tenants
    complain to you rather than to me. The buck stops here.

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      Your tenants are probably complaining to me because they’ve complained to you AND the city’s housing authority — and both of you have done nothing to help them.

      Sorry, but I don’t feel the LEAST bit of sympathy for someone in California who thinks they can own a property 3000 miles away and not do any maintenance or repairs, because you find it “difficult to manage”. Oh boo hoo, hire someone local, or give up one of the apartments and let an on-site property manager live there.

      I hope the other folks who commented on this thread respond to your claims — you sound like a terrible landlord, and I can only hope and pray you sell your building and STOP running for office in Baltimore City.

      • michael shaefer

        If you think a California resident can run for office in Baltimore City,
        you need to go back to school. Why don’t you identify yourself.
        There is not one thing any tenant or any inspector has requested that has not been provided, or calls made to contractors to provide this. If I were living on site instead of 3000 miles away I would be doing the same,
        taking tenant/inspector requests for whatever and asking those who do it best to do it; I have hired some who just take the money and run, and
        have had tenants leave a trashy apartment and claim it is ready for re-rental and wihtout inspecting, I come east and find it a shithole.
        I am selling for just what I have invested, and with ultra liberal terms, like 10% cash and 6% first loan, and anyone with any intelligence could not help but make 50% on their cash investment annually or more.
        the owner

        • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

          Actually there’s a multi-page article about me in this month’s Baltimore Magazine. With a photo, and everything!

    • Lol @ u!

      All of your residents talk about you! The only reason why people rent because yOur convienient to the things we need. Your building is very DIRTY. I DID A LOt of research and talked to your renters and I chose not to rent because of what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard. You need to pay attention to what people are saying. You just take the money and go. SHAME ON YOU. HORRIBLE MAN AND VERY SHADY. I HOPE YOU GET WHAT’S COMING TO YOU.

    • ???

      You have to be kidding me!! You try to sound so smart and sophisticated and your not. You are a scammer!!! I’m so glad I found this page and getting the help I need to make you understand you cant treat people the way you do!

  • Samuel

    First of all, this is a grammatically challenged, alleged attorney who is renting la la land dwellings and, sadder still, really believes he is okay and rest of the known universe is not. This is where the break from reality comes into play. This man is fully capable of showing you a tar pit and claiming it’s the Taj Mahal. Then he becomes enraged when you don’t see what he claims to see. His garbled writing is testament to that. He says he has a law degree. He couldn’t, based on the scribbling shown here, pass an elementary school writing class. Of course he has all manner of people singing his praises. Right! No doubt they include Babe Ruth, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers, Clarence Darrow, Napoleon, Frank Lloyd Wright and, last but not least, among the living, Donald Trump, who has no doubt named him one of the nation’s rental greats. Probably has them for dinner parties all the time.

  • michael shaefer

    Would Beverly Dolva new to Baltimore talk to tenantgs [redacted] or [redacted] or [redacted], or [redacted], they all seem very positive, have not had any requests denied, when [redacted] asked about pest control I gave her a $500 budget to take care of it, when [redacted] had a leak I spent $4000 on reroofing over her unit.
    I cannot understand, Beverly why your fail and refuse to speak with me about what you perceive should be done Do you want to be the White Knight and have a $5,000 slush fund from me to be spent on the building with whomever you chose who is licensed and accountable? You should put up or shut up. I would like to meet with you on October 17 to
    visit each unit with you, and if any of the 4 tenants I named are unhappy,
    I will pay you $100 finders-fee for each for finding this out. (You talked to only one tenant who makes claims to break a lease or who is outraged at Inspector and myself, on 15 min. notice, entering what we thought was unit with owner out, they not answering door or phone. only to find
    the lady of the house getting out of the shower, and man of the house throwing a tandrum when he was asked to take the rent to the nearest
    Bank of America, since I was in Cal. he demanded his only duty was to leave it with a friend in the neighborhood. You enjoy kooks, you might be one of them. It is appropriate you talk to the FOUR and apologize to me.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Did anyone else notice that Mr. Schaefer can’t spell his own name properly? I wonder if he got his law license out of box of Cracker Jack.

    • ???

      Notice how he just puts everyone’s personal business out there. Posting their names and apt numbers. He has no clue how reckless he is. So sad.

      • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

        It will be interesting to see if those tenants find out what he’s been up to and raise hell about it.

  • Sarah

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, everyone stay away from this man! I should have seen this website before I rented apartment 1F. My lease was supposed to start November 15th, and TWO WEEKS later, I was still not allowed to move in (due to some repairs that he guaranteed would be complete by that date), and I had already paid him security deposit and November rent. I informed him on the 29th that he broke the lease, and I requested my money back (I actually only requested my security deposit back). During the time I was displaced from the unit, I had to stay in hotels and drive around homeless all day hoping the apartment would be ready– until finally I just had enough! He called me a “bridge-burner”, told me to “return from Fantasy Island”, suggested I was running away from a bad relationship, and accused me of suffering from “all men are pigs syndrome” (I’m a lesbian)!!! I have tried so hard to keep this out of court, but for some reason the man doesn’t understand that he is wrong, and his behavior is deplorable. I kept telling him I was taking my case to Small Claims Court, and he kept telling me to go ahead, and that I was wasting my time. Now, I have found volunteer lawyer services and am prepared to take this case to a higher court due to all the emotional damage and stress I have been going through because of this man. 🙁

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      So very sorry you had to go through this experience — please keep us posted as to how things are progressing!

    • Been there !!

      I tried to take him to court as well but failed he claimed he doesn’t have any rights to the building. All of a sudden but he gladly takes the money. I’m so sorry you had to deal with that. I wish I knew your helpful lawyer because I am trying my hardest to get my security deposit n then som back!

    • Sarah

      Someone sued Schaefer in 2001 and won over a million dollars (I doubt it was a landlord/tenant situation, but it is still a judgement against him). He declared bankruptcy in 2002. His son is the owner of Schaefer-Nevada, Inc. which owns the property, and is the company I paid rent to. That is probably why he is so cocky in the face of all this legal nonsense. He knows he won’t actually have to go to court. But I think I may be able to go after him for fraud, since there was no proof an apartment actually existed in my case– and he also harassed me via email. If anyone has any info about the company Schaefer-Nevada, Inc., or knows how I would find information about the owner, it would be a great help!

      Lauer v. Schaefer lawsuit details:

  • Nacole

    I’m shocked, this property is now being advertised once more and I actually placed a call about it. I am so glad I had bad feeling about it and decided to search the address. This is the first thing I see and I am so grateful for all who have posted here.

  • john michael schaefer

    The recent poster, to whom I told him to go commit an impossible act of self-indulgence, is a phony; to my property that has generated offers of $525,000 cash and $550,000 l0% down, and is on the market at $560,000 with 20% down—this jerk or saboteur makes an offer of $200,000.
    I should bring him to court for “intentional infliction of emotional distress” but cannot waste my time. I suspect he owns nothing and is just trying to torment me, that is his constitutional right, but he must be a son only a mother could love.

    My property recently got NOTICE OF ABATEMENT as any deficiencies, from Building and Safety so it is 100% as all repairs; we have gone further and replaced roofs, etc. and we have mostly 2-3 year tenants, but had one for 7.5 years who married and move to the county.

    Because the rents are rising and property values rising, we are spending more and more money to upgrade, replace, repair, got a new refrigerator recently, a new $3000 bath stall last year; and I am very efficient operating from out west. I get up at 6am and talk to contractors, etc. at 9am Balitmore time. I am surprised anyone has time to read opinions by evicted tenants or tenants who put down a deposit to have us hold a place for them, then they talk to one of our evicted people and decide not to move in and then demand their money back. We usually give them HALF and leave them free to write bad things on Slumlord Watch, and they do. Wishing all of you well, and to the idiot offering is less than 1/3 of market value, GFU. ms

    • Baltimore Slumlord Watch

      You, sir, are just vile. Your track record speaks for itself, frankly — the comments and emails I receive from your former tenants and people who have attempted to do business with you are just icing on the cake.

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