The City “found” over $7 million that BOE intends to move to the 2013 budget — call or email your City Council representative TODAY and let them know you demand a portion of that money is to be used to fund the three fire companies currently slated for closure.

If you live, work, own property or a business in Baltimore City, what happens to our fire department affects each and every one of you.  Your lives, the lives of your friends, employees, tenants, and your families will all need emergency services at least once — and the Mayor’s irresponsible cuts to the fire department are putting you (and your bank balance) at risk.

City Council President Jack Young admonished Chief Clack on more than one occasion about his reluctance to fight for a fully-funded fire department — now it’s time for citizens to act.  Email, call, and fax Chief Clack and tell him you DEMAND the fire department be left intact — that YOUR homes and your families are worth more than our City government is currently giving.

James S. Clack, Chief
Baltimore City Fire Department
Phone: (410) 396-3083
Fax: (410) 625-2699
Mailing Address: 401 East Fayette St., Baltimore, MD 21202
E-mail: [email protected]

Aren’t you and your family worth the five minutes it will take to let Chief Clack and your City Council representative know how you feel about closing fire companies?