You’ve been reading about the proposed Split-Level Property Tax Rate for Baltimore City, and now it’s time to act!  The 2010 Maryland Legislative Session has begun, and we need to push this through the legislature and get out elected officials to sign on.

The proposed leglislation would allow Baltimore CIty to charge a higher property tax rate to slumlords and “investors” who allow their vacant properties to languish, causing health and safety hazards in our communities.  The property tax rate would not be charged to law-abiding citizens who are in the process of rehabilitating their homes.  The additional tax revenue for Baltimore City is sorely needed, and could potentially go a long way in helping to balance the City’s budget.  It would also act as a deterrant to those who have destroyed our neighborhoods with their blighted properties.

You can read our past postings about the tax rate proposal here and here.  The second post also contains a link to a Baltimore Sun piece about the tax rate.

Please contact your elected officials today, and ask them to ignore the efforts of the powerful realtor lobbyists and others, and listen to the citizens of Baltimore City.  We’re tired of dealing with the negative effects of these blighted homes, and we’re ready to hit the owners where it counts, in a way that will benefit all City residents.

Reader MG has drafted a sample letter you can send to your legislators — you can download it here, or you can write your own.  If you don’t know who your legislators are, you can do a search here.  Letter is in Word format.