From the Coalition to Prevent Childhood Lead Poisoning:

The Maryland Senate will be voting today or tomorrow on SB504 – The Lead Dust Testing Bill.

Senate Bill 504 will require all rental properties to have lead dust clearance testing which will immediately help reduce the amount of children poisoned in Maryland by reducing lead dust hazards and creating safer homes.

Please today – stop for a minute and make two phone calls:

  • Call your State Senator and urge them to support SB504, and if they are already supporting the Bill, thank them for their support!
  • Also please call and thank the Bill Sponsor Lisa Gladden and the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee for passing SB504 out of the committee.
  • We need everyone’s voice and continued support to get the Lead Dust Testing Bill passed.

    Please call your State Senator today, to find your Senator please click here and to contact the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee please click here.  We all pay a heavy societal cost for lead poisoning, and this is an action we can all take to protect Maryland’s kids!

    2 thoughts to “Support SB504 – The Lead Dust Testing Bill

    • Charlene

      Do you have the results on this bill?

      • slumlordwatch

        Favorable by Judicial Proceedings 8-2. So far so good…

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