In a small way, Baltimore Housing has redeemed itself.

Today we happened to receive an email from a reader that included a link to the new citation search on Baltimore Housing’s website.  It would seem that our erstwhile Housing Department has “borrowed” our method of shaming people into compliance, and you can now see firsthand the evidence of your neighbor’s negligence.  Trash tickets?  Yes, they’re on the website — full color photos of not only your garbage, along with your identifying information (note to the guy who left his intact Bank of America statement in the trash:  BAD IDEA.)  Trash laying around the yard?  Yes, that’s here too — along with your address and a sharp photo!

You can search citations by address or by neighborhood.  Go ahead, give it a try!

Remember Donna Hanks from our post about her ill-fated media stunt sponsored by ACORN?  She apparently doesn’t own a trash can — someone loan her one, please, before we have another poorly planned media event featuring Ms. Hanks and her weekly trash woes.  I’m sure Santoni’s Market would be forever grateful.